• To develop and empower Tamil language through Ancient, Culture, Civilized Traditional and behavioral studies by  moral literature and to envision the department to be a vibrant center of Tamil studies where research in diverse fields of Tamil language will be carried out.


  • To incorporate Muthamizh of Iyal, Isai, Nadagam.
  • The enable students to develop a  holistic understanding of literature.
  • To enable students to pursue  advance research in literary studies.
  • To sharpen their critical ability to interpert and evaluate literary texts and theories.
  • To strengthen our students ability through Learning, Listening and Thinking.
  • To equip them for further research and career opportunities.


  • The founder figure of this college 18th Pontiff  Sri-la-Sri Guru Maha Sannithanam brought out a desirable change in providing education to the people living in and around of Villupuram district. Tamil and Saivam were his two deep visions. He himself was a great Tamil Scholar.
  • His ardent faith on Tamil made him to establish a Tamil Forum in the name style of Murugan Senthamil Kazhagam in 1937 with an idea of establishing a Tamil College in Mailam on 14-07-1938.
  • On the basics of the report of Vidwan Thiru T.K. Natesa Sharma, specially appointed Commissioner by the University of Madras, and affiliation of this college with Madras University was granted as per letter No: A/336/D/03.08.1941.

Integrated, UG, PG Courses

The College is offering the following courses right from 1938 with the blessing of 18th Pontiff Sri-la-Sri Guru Maha Sannithanam.

Four Years Integrated Course

  • Vidwan - Tamil Pattayam  - Diploma       - 1938-39 to 1969-70
  • Pulavar - Tamil Pattayam  - Diploma       - 1970-71 to 1974-75
  • B.Lit.    - Tamil           - Degree (4Yrs)          - 1975-76 to 1979-80

Under Graduate Course (3 Years)

  • B.Lit.   - Tamil     -  Degree                             -  1980-81 towards
  • Later the College has been affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University as the University has been carved out of the University of Madras by the Government of Tamilnadu Act 3L of 2002.

Post Graduate (2 Years) Self Finance Course

               M.A         - Tamil -              2002-03 towards

Research Courses (M.Phil., Ph.D)

  • In 2007-2008 the 19th Pontiff Sri-la-Sri Guru Maha Sannithanam took every step to disseminate scientific, Technical and Cultural knowledge and to raise the standard of life and health among the backward section of the people and appointed Kumara. Siva. Rajendran, B.Com., B.L., as a Secretary of the College.
  • The Effort of him the college has been on the splendid growth and development and striving towards excellence.
  • In the year 2005, two more Research courses are introduced at affordable fee structure rate through self finance Courses.

                   M.Phil. Tamil (Full time/ Part time)

                   Ph.D.    Tamil (Full time/ Part time)