Rules and Regulations


  •          Staff and Students are members of the Library.
  •          The users are required to fill-up the Library Membership form to use the Library facilities.
  •          The users should inform the Librarian about their change of address and phone numbers to update their records.
  •          Members of the Library can borrow the books against their Bar-coded Library Card, according to its limitations.


  •          Library Card is not transferable.
  •          Members shall be responsible of Bar-coded Library Card issued to them.
  •          New Library Card will be issued on payment of penalty charges.


  •          Library Books issued on production of Bar-coded Library Card.
  •          Reference Books and Periodicals are only for reference purpose. However, the back volumes and reference books will be issued on overnight borrowing facility.
  •          Members are held responsible for the books issued against their account.
  •          Librarian has the right to recall any issued books before due date.
  •          Issued Books should be Returned or Renewed on or before the Due Date, which would be mentioned in the Book’s Due Date Slip.
  •          The users should not bring the borrowed books inside the Library unless they want to return them.
  •          The users should not return the borrowed books on the same day.


  S. No.

User Category


No. of Books




10 Books

90 Days


Research Scholar

6 Books

30 Days


PG Students


15 Days


UG Students

3 Books

15 Days


        Member can renew the borrowed book(s) for a maximum of two times subject to no request or no demand.


  •          The fine against the issued books for student are levied Re. 1.00 per day
  •          Members who have not returned the books even after 30 days from the Due Date will loose the right to borrow the books for the current semester.


  •       Members should check the books through the missing pages, chapters, Pictures, index etc., while borrowing the books from the library.
  •          No books in damaged condition will be accepted from the members.
  •          Mutilation or spoiled books must be replaced by the borrower.
  •       Members who have lost the books should replace the latest edition of the same title or else should pay double the cost of the books along with Fine and processing fee of Rs.50/-.


  •          Our College Library follow as CLOSED ACCESS SYSTEM .Yet the Library ensure maximum use of books and periodicals other use of information resources, Every user is becomes by the virtue of studentship in this College any member who wants to borrow a book gives the Bibliographic in a Slip to the librarian, The Librarian and his Staff identified the book and kept ready for Lending member Comes in the free time collect books for home reading the borrowing to fortnightly.
  •          Library follows the OPEN ACCESS SYSTEM. So users can approach the subject wise Book racks to find out the Books, Periodicals and Projects.
  •          The users can search the availability of Books through the Intranet Library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) System.
  •          The users can reserve the books by using Username and Password through the Intranet.
  •          The user should borrow the reserved book with in 48 hours, if not the reservation automatically cancelled and the reserved document will be send to the racks for further use.
  •          Members of the Library can check their accounts in the OPAC enabled computers by using their user ID & Password.




  •          No Library user shall deface the Library Books by Underlining, Scribbling and Tampering off the Pages etc.
  •          Users are required to protect the Library Books against wanton and willful Damage, Mutilation, Theft and other Malpractices.
  •          Member discontinuing the Course or Job for any reason should surrender the books and the Bar-coded Library card to the Library and collect their NO DUE certificate.
  •          Library users are requested to OBSERVE COMPLETE SILENCE inside the Library.
  •          Library users should leave their personal belongings outside the Library for safety point of view.
  •          Members of the Library are requested to produce their ID when asked by the library staff member.
  •          Users found violating any of the Library rules then their membership will be cancelled by authorities.
  •          Library rules are subject to change and will be reviewed by the authorities.