Secretary’s Message


“Education is a social process.  Education is growth;

 Education is not preparation for life but is life itself.”


Education is a only Tools to empower the student’s strength .Our College is a suitable platform for Higher education after completed their School Education.

   The College Is Play a pivotal role on higher education in addition that the students to upgraded their competitive skills as well as a firm knowledge in the modern scenario. The students can be kindling the facilities and learn accountability of the Nation. Our College has been provide the modern facilities it’s resembled as urban colleges. . This College has made long utilize in every sphere and has carved a special care for the student’s f in the field of education. I visualize them to be the beacon of light and hope of India.         


தொட்டனைத் தூறும் மணற்கேணி மாந்தர்க்குக்

கற்றனைத் தூறும் அறிவுகுறள் எண் – 396


விளக்கம்: மணலில் உள்ள கேணியில் தோண்டிய அளவிற்க்கு நீர் ஊறும், அதுபோல் மக்களின் கற்றக் கல்வியின் அளவிற்கு அறிவு ஊறும்.

Explanation : Water will flow from a well in the sand in proportion to the depth to which it is dug, and knowledge will flow from a man in proportion to his learning.


With renewed best wishes



SSBS Tamil Arts Science College