The founder figure of this college 18th Pontiff  Sri-la-Sri Guru Maha Sannithanam brought out a desirable change in providing education to the people living in and around of Villupuram district. Tamil and Saivam were his two deep visions.  He himself was a great Tamil Scholar.  His ardent faith on Tamil made him to establish a Tamil Forum in the name style of Murugan Senthamizh Kazhagam in 1937 with an idea of establishing a Tamil College in Mailam on 14-07-1938.

On the basis of the report of Vidwan Thiru T. K. Natesa Sharma,  specially appointed Commissioner by the University of Madras, and affiliation of this college with Madras University was granted as per letter No: A/336/D/03.08.1941.

The College is offering the following courses right from 1938 with the blessing of 18th Pontiff Sri-la-Sri Guru Maha Sannithanam. In the beginning, only five departments were established, namely:


Four Years Integrated Course

                1.      Vidwan - Tamil Pattayam       (1938-39) to (1969-70).

                2.      Pulavar - Tamil Pattayam        (1970-71) to (1974-75).

                3.      B.Lit.    - Tamil Degree           (1975-76) to (1979-80).

Under Graduate Course (3 Years)

                4.      B.Lit.    - Tamil                       (1980-81).

Post Graduate (2 Years Self Finance Course)

                5.      M.A      - Tamil                        (2002-03).

Later the College has been affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University as the University has been carved out of the University of Madras by the government of Tamilnadu Act 3L of 2002.

 In 2007-2008 the 19th Pontiff Sri-la-Sri Guru Maha Sannithanam took every step to disseminate scientific, Technical and Cultural knowledge and to raise the standard of life and health among the backward section of the people and appointed Kumara.Siva. Rajendran, B.Com., B.L., as a Secretary of the College. The Effort of him the college has been on the splendid growth and development and striving towards excellence.

In the year 2004, two more Post Graduate courses are introduced at affordable rate through Un-Aided Courses.

                  1.      M.Phil. Tamil (Full time / Part time).

                  2.      Ph.D.    Tamil (Full time / Part time).

Added to that 2007-2008 the College name is changed as Srimath Sivagnana Balaya Swamigal Tamil, Arts and Science College ordered by the Government of Tamilnadu, Department of Higher Education, Letter No: 223 Dated: 09.07.2007.

      Later in the year 2008, four Under Graduate courses and one Post Graduate Course were started in the College as per the demands and needs of the Village students.

                  1.      B.Sc.,    Computer Science               (2008-2009)

                  2.      B.Com.,  Commerce                          (2008-2009)

                  3.      B.C.A.,   Computer Application          (2009-2010)

                  4.      B.A.,       English                                (2011-2012)

                  5.      M.Com., Commerce                           (2011-2012)

                  6.      M.Sc Computer Science                     (2016-2017)

 New Courses 2020 - 2021

                  7.      B.Sc Chemistry.,                                 (2020 - 2021)

                  8.     B.Com Computer Applications.,          (2020 - 2021)

The Department is committed to the growth of the students into well-moulded individuals who can take lead roles in any classroom, academics, literary and cultural phases. The faculty members are wholeheartedly involved in stimulating passion towards literary, developing competence, fostering creativity and infusing human values among the students. The curriculum provides sufficient opportunities to gain values for life and motivate the students to take competitive examinations. The syllabus for all the semesters is framed in such a way to improve the literary knowledge in a well expanded manner and oratorical skill of the students by intensifying the confidence level among them.

 Research Activities

M.Phil and PhD research programmes in Tamil were introduced in the academic year 2004 and showing a remarkable progress over the years. The Department is well equipped with the state-of-the-art research facilities to strive for excellence in research and extension activities and furnished with computers & related aids for research scholars and staff members. In addition to the College Library, the Department has its own library with nearly collection of 600 books on various categories for the benefit of the research scholars and students.

Curriculum Development

Our Curriculum are being developed with recent advancements keeping keen focus on

  • Oratorical Skills in Tamil
  • Introduction to Journalism & Tourism
  • Tamil for the aspirants of Civil Service Examinations & Self-study of literary genres.
  • Interaction between the authors (of the prescribed books) and the students.
  • Inter-collegiate literary competitions.

At Present the college is being administrated under the blessing, Chairman of 20th Pontiff Sri-la-Sri Guru Maha Sannithanam.